Stany & Julien

Subir al servidor: Vie, 10/18/2019

Julien peeks through the opening of the gloryhole, desperate for a massive cock to present itself for service. His mouth waters thinking of taking a thick dick between his lips. Luckily, Stany is just on the other side, rock hard and ready for some oral service!

Julien is quick to bring the stud’s meat to his mouth, swallowing it down past his tongue as he savors Stany’s pre-cum. Stany closes his eyes and enjoys the warm, wet, velvety feel of Julian’s blowjob; feeling his nuts churn with hot cum, aching to burst out.

Stany fucks Julian’s face, edging himself closer to climax, stopping only to cross beyond the wall and give his cocksucker a passionate pounding!