Scally Boy & Alex

It’s another wild night for Alex as he heads down to his basement playroom to once again offer his hole up to another rough top. He invites over a hot, nameless, scally top to dominate his ass; presenting it up on all fours like a buffet of treats. His sphincter might still swollen and worn from the last time it was opened up, but he’s ready to push it even further! Alex huffs his poppers as the tough top spanks his ass, getting it bright red before taking out his top’s swollen cock. Alex’s mouth waters for the stranger’s piece, wanting to feel it pulse on his tongue as it gets harder. Alex comes up from his master’s cock only to get a good buzz going before swallowing down his uncut meat yet again. The gloved top can hardly wait to see his masochistic bottom take his dick; fingering his hole and torturing his nipples as he begs for more. Bending his sub over, the scally top drills his manhood deep into Alex’s guts, pounding at his prostate and filling him full of his fuck meat. Alex continues to debase himself for his sadistic top by swallowing up his foot with his stretched out hole, taking a rough pounding, and getting a gloved fist shoved up his ass!