Jess & Flo Boy

Jess follows Floboy’s intructions and drives up to their rendezvous. His cock is hard in his pants as he parks and waits, anxious and excited to meet the hot Dom man he’s chatted with online. He looks around, waiting for the big guy to arrive, only to find the intimidating figure of his top walking up in a black ski mask!

Floboy gets in the backseat without saying a word. Jess quickly follows, hungry for his cock. Floboy can tell his sub is ready, pushing his face into his crotch to give him the chance to worship his meat. Jess pulls it out, huffing on the masculine man’s musky scent before sucking on his cock. It grows in his throat as he’d held down on it, taking it with all his might to please his master…

The huge cock is almost more than he can handle, stretching out this mouth as he slides up and down on the massive member. Floboy, however, needs more to get off! Dragging his bottom out to the woods, he bends Jess over, shoving his thick cock up his tight hole. He wastes no time being gentle as he plows deep into his guts, brutally fucking him hard and making him moan. As rough as it is on Jess’s insides, he begs for more with each deep plunge!