Malik & Tristian

Subir al servidor: Jue, 09/17/2020

Ding-dong! Who’s there? Just a man with a camera catching Malik TN doing what he does best... Getting serviced! The handsome, European top has his thick cock out as his hungry, horny pup, Tristian Dog, gleefully worships his manhood. Malik leans back, playing with his passionate cocksucker’s hair as he devours his massive shaft.

Malik can see in Tristian’s eyes just how much he wants it. He loves his heavy nuts and wide head, doing everything he can to make his hung top happy! And Malik is more than happy to reward his efforts, greeting him with a playful smile and a pat on the head, as if to say, “good boy.”

The proud daddy spits on Tristian’s hole, finally giving him what he wants more than anything else. Pressing his bottom’s head into the couch cushions, he prys apart the boy’s hole with his monster cock, fucking him senseless with his hard meat. Tristian’s smile beams as he feels his insides shatter from the intense, deep dicking, content in the thought that he has Malik’s superior shaft deep inside!