Theo & Anthony

Subir al servidor: Jue, 10/08/2020

Theo and Anthony are shy in front of the camera’s light, squinting as they look into its brightness. But when they focus on each other, they lose all inhibition! Theo watches Anthony take off his shirt, revealing his toned six pack and smooth chest. The fit man returns the stare with a couple kisses before dropping to his knees and taking Theo’s hard, uncut cock in his mouth.

Bobbing up and down on his meat, Anthony focuses on swallowing down the boyish top’s cock. Theo is in heaven, feeling his shaft getting harder and closer to climax. He loves the way Anthony tastes every inch of his manhood, priming him for a good, deep fuck...

Bending Anthony over, Theo lubes up his hole and slides his cock between his smooth cheeks. Anthony holds on tight to whatever he can as Theo begins to ravage his insides with his rock hard tool. Theo holds nothing back as he plows into Anthony’s prostate, ready to burst!