Andy & Smoke Boy

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Smoke Boy is lounging on the beach shirtless when Andy approaches. Sitting next to the tattooed hunk, Andy chats with him for a bit before they decide to continue their conversation somewhere more private.

Finding a secluded place in the cliffs, they start passionately kissing before Smoke Boy guides Andy down to his knees to suck his dick. Pulling his jeans and boxer briefs down, Smoke Boy puts his hand on the back of Andy’s head and guides him up and down his big dick in broad daylight.

After cramming his cock down the fuck boy’s throat for a few minutes, Smoke Boy strips naked and pulls Andy’s pants down to jerk him off as they kiss. Then he bends Andy over a boudler and starts fucking the toned twink’s ass, as he clings to the rock for balance.

Not ready to blow his load yet, Smoke Boy sucks an appreciative Andy for a while, showing him the same attention Andy had already shown him. The two horny strangers then kiss and jerk off until they both shoot huge loads, then getting dressed and parting ways, balls empty.