Tomas & Cyril

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Cyril is training Tomas at the punching bag in the locker room, but that’s not all they’re going to train. Tomas realizes Cyril is naked under his robe and gets down on his knees to suck his trainer’s uncut dick. Tomas pulls on his own cock through his silky boxing shorts.

Kissing his way down Tomas’ lithe body, Cyril gets to his knees as well to take Tomas’ rock hard, cock-ringed dick into his mouth. Tomas holds the back of Cyril’s head and fucks his face before getting to his feet for a better view. Then the two switch places, with Tomas looking up at Cyril while he gets his face fucked.

Overwhelmed with lust, Cyril spins Tomas around to get his tongue in the athlete's ass before putting him against the punching bag to fuck him. Still in his robe, Cyril reaches around to jerk the bottom’s cock, while Tomas looks back over his shoulder to make out. Tomas cums all over the floor and Cyril’s hand as he gets pounded from behind, and Cyril soon follows suit, cumming all over the punching bag.