Scally Boy & David Lope

David is on his hands and knees on the hardwood floor wearing nothing but a jockstrap and a blindfold. Head bowed, he waits patiently to be summoned by Scally Boy, the jock who is jerking his dick under the fabric of his gray sweatpants in the next room. Scally Boy lets his package spring loose, and it’s already bound by a two-way cockring squeezing his cock and his balls in separate rings. He stands and steps towards David, who perks up and rises to a kneeling position. Scally Boy greets him with an aggressive slap across the face, but David barely flinches, and his mouth finds the uncut cock being offered.

Scally Boy immediately grips David behind the neck and forces his cock to the back of David’s throat, then pulls him off to spit in his face and returns to fucking his throat. David takes the treatment silently, even as Scally Boy punches his chest and skull fucks him. Held forward in their sling, Scally Boy’s nuts pound David’s chin and the top seems appeased somewhat by David’s eagerness. Scally Boy still gives occasional encouragement in the form of a fist to the chest or a slap across the face. He plugs David’s throat with his cock, causing him to gag, then lets him up for air for a brief moment to catch his breath before bottoming out once again.

David presents his ass to a fully clothed Scally Boy in the next room, and the man is just as aggressive eating ass as he was fucking face. He slaps David’s ass and pulls his cheeks wide, but he gets it nice and wet for what’s coming… a hard and fast fuck! David removes his blindfold as Scally Boy mounts him doggystyle. His cock and balls are all that’s out, and the two still haven’t even seen one another’s face. They’re here solely for an extreme, anonymous fuck.

A submissive David kneels before a reclined Scally Boy, cradling the man’s swollen cock in both hands and giving him head. When his sucking isn’t fast enough, Scally Boy starts thrusting and David takes the hint, picking up the pace to match until Scally Boy stands suddenly, tugging his cock and sending his nut across David’s chest and shoulder. He gives David a final spit in the face for good measure and lets the man tug his own dick until he cums for the camera.