T-Bow & Lopsa

Subir al servidor: Jue, 04/15/2021

A grubby-looking lockup in a French town. A young, uneasy-looking, hairless twink, Lopsa, is on his knees, naked but for a jockstrap, blindfolded by a bandana.

T-bow, a dangerous-looking man, enters the space. He unzips his pants and forces the twink to suck his giant dick before aggressively fingering his ass. T-bow is in his late 30s and has a careworn, stubble-covered face. His huge, curved, uncut dick is a thing of great beauty. He means business. He’s as horny as fuck and he’ll continue to abuse his slave until his brutal, carnal needs have been fulfilled...

T-bow takes a creamy drink and pours it all over the boy’s ass, pushing it into his gaping hole to get it wet, sloppy and ripe for fucking. The top edgily checks no one is watching before feeding his dick again more into the twink’s mouth.

Wind pushes the window open and it becomes clear that Lopsa is being held captive in a lockup in the middle of town. People walk about on the street outside with no sense of the sleazy scenes which are being acted out within.

T-bow pushes the boy against a shelf and fucks him aggressively and impassively with increasing speed and force. He takes his top off to reveal a lithe, impressive physique; a body designed to fuck and fuck hard. He uses the boy as a sex toy. Lopsa is his to abuse whenever and however he wants.

When T-bow’s had enough, he pushes Lopsa onto his knees and repeatedly thrusts his cock deep into the boy’s throat until he’s ready to cum. He shoots an impressive fountain of spunk onto the back of Lopsa’s head, whilst Lopsa jerks himself off onto the lock-up floor.

T-bow pulls out, spits on the lad and slaps his face before locking him, once again, in his makeshift, uncomfortable prison.