Emilio Segura & Greg Centuri

Emilio is a handsome guy: tanned and thin, with dark, cropped haired. He’s got a big night planned. He’s horny as hell and he wants to spend the night getting fucked in every conceivable position on every conceivable surface in his place!

As he starts to get himself ready, he phones his good friend, Greg. Greg has always kinda fancied Emilio and finds himself getting turned on when he starts talking about sex. It’s actually never occurred to Emilio that Greg might be into him. They’ve been friends for a long time and Greg is usually in some sort of long term relationship.

Greg playfully asks Emilio if he’s got enough condoms for his night of fucking. Emilio says he’s got a few, but that they’re a rubbish brand which feel a bit uncomfortable when someone starts fucking hard. Greg is horrified. A potentially great fuck can be utterly destroyed by the wrong kind of condom!

Emilio sighs. He’ll have to hope that the guy he ends up with has something a bit better. Greg laughs and tells Emilio he’s got some really good condoms which he’ll drop round in a bit. He’s on his way home from work, and can swing by Emilio’s flat.

Greg arrives ten minutes later. He’s a very tall, incredibly sexy man and he’s wearing a classy suit. Silk tie. Expensive watch. Nice cufflinks. He looks - and smells - amazing. Emilio has never seen his friend dressed like this before and instantly finds himself feeling inexplicably turned on.

There’s definitely something in the air, because, as Greg drops a selection of condoms onto the coffee table and sits down to chat to Emilio, he feels his cock stiffening. Within seconds, he’s on his feet again and the two men are kissing keenly, bodies wrapped around each other, Greg towering over Emilio, both somewhat surprised by the intensity with which they’re going for it.

Emilio grabs Greg’s dick, and, within seconds is on his knees, hungrily slurping on the suited stud’s giant dick. Emilio can’t believe how perfect Greg’s cock is. He takes it in his mouth and starts to suck. Greg, in total ecstasy, grinds his groin into Emilio’s throat, while Emilio pulls his own impressive dick out of his jeans and starts to jerk...

Greg picks up one of the condoms to signal that he’s ready to fuck and, within seconds, the shirt and jacket are off. Emilio gets naked and squats over the couch. Greg kneels behind him and drives his cock deep into his ass. Emilio gasps. It blows his mind. To be honest, a fuck machine like Greg would feel amazing whichever condom he was wearing!

Greg pounds Emilio like a pro, slamming his sexy dick into his tight hole as his silk tie tickles Emilio’s back. He takes it all in his stride but the fuck he’s delivering is intense and he loves the feel of the younger lad’s ass. Emilio gasps with every masterful stroke. Greg smiles, somewhat wickedly. He wants to wear Emilio out - make him so horny that he sprays his load everywhere and is too tired to go out to the clubs! He wants him for himself tonight.

Greg times the fuck to perfection, ramming his dick with increasing speed and energy until Emilio feels like he’s going to explode from the inside. Greg reaches a climax and pulls out, whipping off his condom so he can shoot his massive sticky load all over his young friend’s back.

Emilio turns over, throws his arm around Greg and shoots an impressive, watery load all over his stomach. There’s no way he’s going out tonight. There’s equally no way that Greg is going to leave his flat until there’s been at least one repeat performance!