Seb Destructor & Romeo Courtois

Seb showed up to Romeo’s place after chatting him up online for a while. He could tell from the pictures that he was a sexy guy with a big cock and a horny sexy drive. Looking for a good fuck, Romeo seemed ready and able to deliver!

When he got inside, Seb was impressed with his tall, tatted body and handsome face. He wasted no time in pulling out his guest’s cock, taking it deep in his mouth to get it good and fat. Seb loved how no-nonsense Romeo was, meeting the promise of a hot mouth!

Stroking his big meat, Romeo was equally impressed with just how massive Seb’s cock was. Pictures rarely do justice to how girthy someone’s cock can be, and this was a total prize! Seb looked down as his sexy host swallowed his manhood, getting it good and wet with skill!

Romeo felt his balls tighten as Seb’s mouth massaged his member, swallowing down every drop of pre-cum that leaked from his uncut cock. His eyes looked up at him passionately, making it clear that he was happy to be between his legs, bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Seb could have bust his nut right there, but he didn’t come by just for a blowjob—as good as it was! He wanted to feel Romeo riding his massive cock, taking it balls deep and pushing back with his tight hole. The hung top took off his clothes, giving Romeo a look at his smooth, lean body before the hungry bottom followed suit.

Sitting back on his host’s couch, he relaxed as Romeo prepped his dick. Romeo’s ass was beautifully firm to the touch. As he mounted, Seb ran his hands over his cheeks, feeling the fine hairs that covered it like peach fuzz.

Romeo felt the big cock slide inside him, splitting his bubble butt apart and drilling deep into his hole. It felt incredible to have his guest grinding into him as he held on tight. Bouncing up and down, Romeo gripped onto the veiny shaft with his sphincter, doing all he could to massage the shaft from base to tip. The effort didn’t go unappreciated as Seb felt his nuts once again tighten up, getting closer to cumming with each hard thrust.