Matt Surfer & Kameron Frost

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Matt can hardly contain his insatiable urge to cum while waiting for his friend, Kameron to arrive. The two picked out a discreet place for a quick, midday fuck and Matt was just counting down the seconds until he could taste the handsome man’s beautiful cock in his mouth. Dressed in a suit and tie, Kameron makes a powerful entrance, ready to give Matt exactly what he needs.

Kameron’s manhood is enormous. A thick, throbbing, veiny shaft with two massive, heavy nuts weighing it down. It’s long and uncut, filling up Matt’s throat as the horny cocksucker begins to swallow it down. Matt worships every inch of the blond man’s piece, desperate to have more of it fucking his face.

Kameron gets a good grip of Matt’s hair, pulling him down on his shaft as he slobbers all over his nuts. The dapper top loves seeing Matt on his knees, choking on his dick. He pulls off his shirt and tie, stripping down to free himself of his well tailored attire. He wants to be able to move freely to fuck his bottom deep and hard.

Bending Matt over and leaning him up against a stone wall, Kameron skewers Matt’s hole with his giant cock, feeling his sphincter stretch to take him. Matt’s cock is rock hard as Kameron drills deep into his guts, ready to be used like the bottom bitch he is.

Kameron holds on tight to Matt’s hips, intensely pounding in and out to give him a fuck he’ll never forget. Matt holds off cumming for as long as he can, but the young stud’s penetrating thrusts make him flow like a garden hose! Suddenly, Matt clenches down on Kameron’s tool, feeling it pump out a load from the desperate bottom. Kameron can feel Matt tighten up, bringing him to the point of no return as well!