Billy Baval & Maxxime Furie

Thrusting techno music. Maxxime kneels, naked, in the dungeon of a basement in a sleazy sex club on the outskirts of Paris. The windowless walls are giant blocks of stone. Slings and chains hang from the ceiling. Maxxime is tall, lithe, hairless, and blond. He absentmindedly plays with his dick. He’s horned-up and ready for sex…

Billy wears a sleeveless T-shirt, grey sweats and vintage sneakers. He’s a young otter with thick stubble and a well-sculpted chest. He makes his way through a network of darkened corridors and enters the dungeon. He holds a long, black rope. He wants Maxxime.

Billy stands over Maxxime, ties the twink’s wrists together, and wraps the rope around his cute, blonde slave’s body, fully incapacitating him. Maxxime is excited. He moves his mouth towards his master’s crotch and eagerly runs his soft lips over the bulge in Billy’s sweatpants.

Billy gyrates his hips and slowly grinds his masculine body into Maxxime’s face, grabbing the back of the boy’s head and pushing down his sweats to reveal a tight-fitting pair of black underwear.

In a second, Billy’s beautiful, upward-curving dick is deep in Maxxime’s warm mouth. And boy, does Maxxime know how to suck! Billy’s dick instantly hardens and slides in and out of Maxxime’s throat.

Craving more, Billy pulls Maxxime onto a bench and starts to power-thrust his manhood into his slave’s mouth with increasing speed. He’s eager to discover how much abuse he can inflict on Maxxime’s throat without the young man gagging. Billy aggressively slaps his dick against Maxxime’s cheek before pushing himself back into his mouth again. Maxxime, still trussed-up with rope, is well-and-truly used. His uncut cock twitches with nervous anticipation.

Billy pushes Maxxime onto his back and pulls his slave’s legs apart. Seconds later, the master is naked. He quickly pulls a condom over his rock hard dick, pushes a handful of lube into Maxxime’s ass and sinks his now-glistening meat into the young man’s tight hole.

The fucking is frantic, fast and wild. Billy’s a powerful man and uses his well-defined leg muscles to jack-hammer his cock into his slave’s tied-up body. Maxxime pants and gasps. The experience is deep and intense. As the speed of the thrusting increases, the submissive body starts to shake…

Billy slaps Maxxime's face aggressively, then roughly grabs at the twink’s hardening nipples. He changes his position and starts to deliver a brutal, machine-like fuck. The rope loosens around Maxxime’s body just enough for him to grab his own dick, which he frantically jerks as his insides are torn apart.

Both men are profoundly connected. Their chemistry is extraordinary. They lock eyes as the ferocious fucking intensifies.

Maxxime roars. Long jets of sticky spunk fly out of his dick, almost launched out of him from the inside. Billy pulls out and tugs himself until ribbons of cum spray over the twink’s tight body.