Emilio Segura & Valentin Solis

I’ve always had a thing for Valentin. We’ve been friends for years but he’s always maintained that he’s completely straight. He’s certainly very popular with women. He has tons of girlfriends. But that’s never stopped him from flirting with me. There are, of course, a lot of straight guys who simply like the attention of other men without ever entertaining the idea of taking things further. I always assumed Valentin was very definitely in that category, but recently the flirting has intensified and left me feeling very confused.

He turned up at my house unannounced one evening last week. He looked incredibly sexy. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a black pair of track pants made from some sort of shiny fabric. I was actually with him when he bought them. I remember him trying them on in the shop and coming out of the changing room saying they felt really good on his dick!

He sat next to me on the couch looking a bit nervous. I’ve never seen Valentin looking nervous, so I instantly knew what he wanted. And, remembering what he’d said about his pants, I leant in and cupped his dick through the shiny fabric.

I kept my hand on his dick and started kissing him. He responded with intense, wet kisses and I pulled his 9-inch, rock hard dick out of his pants.

I knew I had to give him the blow job of his life - for the honor of gay men if nothing else! His dick’s been sucked by dozens and dozens of beautiful women, but I wanted him to be astounded by how good a manmouth could feel down there. I wanted him to experience pure ecstasy.

He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as he guided the back of my head down further onto his cock. He obviously wanted me to feel submissive and I was more than happy to oblige!

I sucked him for what felt like forever. He stood up and the extreme beauty of his dick became instantly apparent. It’s got to be 9 inches long and it curves upwards at an angle which suggests if he fucked you, your prostate would get an epic working-over as well.

I knelt in front of him and continued to suck. He started thrusting his dick into my mouth in a way which suggested he was down for fucking at some point. His moves were really casual, somehow. Every time I looked up at his face, he seemed quite impassive, almost arrogant, like he knew he’d be the ultimate fuck whether he made an effort or not. It was all about him and what he wanted. Typical straight guy!!

He pushed me into a really odd position to fuck me and spent ages getting me just the way he wanted. One of my knees was on the couch, the other was cocked to the side. He stood behind me, with one of his legs on the floor and one on the sofa. It was certainly the most eccentric and athletic position I’ve ever found myself in.

And when I say he fucked me, I mean he fucked me! He shoved himself inside and went at it harder and faster than I've ever experienced. Moments later he’d slowed right down. I literally couldn’t predict what he was going to do next, which made the entire experience both shocking and deeply exciting. One moment he was violently slamming his cock into me, the next he was grinding his dick in circles inside me. It was unbelievably intense, bordering on brutal. I was plainly just a hole which needed to be used for his total pleasure. It was almost as though he was trying to see how hard I could take it; how cruel he could be.

And he stayed silent throughout.

When he’d had enough, he squatted over me and shot his load straight into my face, spraying thick beads of sticky cum across my neck and squirting long jets of spunk right up to my eyes.