Greg Centuri & Hugo Martins

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Hugo presents his bare ass to his uniformed top, Greg, ready to serve as his willing and eager slave. Greg is a tall, handsome soldier home on leave, horned up and missing the feeling of a tight hole wrapped around his cock. More than that, he misses the sensual connection between him and his passionate lover.

Hugo shows his adoration for the fatigue-wearing top by kissing him softly on the lips. It’s a tender moment that reminds them what they meant to each other before they get to the business of fucking. Opening Greg’s combat attire, Hugo sees his dog tags hanging around his neck and on his smooth, muscular chest. His eyes continue down to his throbbing cock, standing at attention like a soldier.

Hugo immediately drops to his knees as a sign of respect, taking the massive cock in his mouth and feeling it fill his throat. He worships this man. He wants to taste him, swallow him, and make him feel like a king. Even as he gags on his cock, he happily persists, willing to do anything Greg wants.

Greg is used to taking orders and following the chain of command, but here, he’s in charge. He calls the shots. And when he looks into Hugo’s eyes as he devours his manhood, he feels unstoppable.

Greg turns Hugo around, bending him over to see his hole. He instinctively presses his tongue between the round, muscular cheeks of his submissive, feeling the heat on his hole as he awaits his proper fucking. Greg could kiss his ass for days, but knows Hugo hungers for a deeper feeling.

Grabbing onto the band of Hugo’s jockstrap, Greg warms up his bottom as he strokes his cock, holding him in place before sliding his meat into his tight hole. Hugo lets out a loud moan as the hard tool moves into his body, trying his best to take it without struggle. Greg is caring, but he is not relenting. He continues onward, conquering Hugo’s body and fucking him hard like he knows he needs.

Hugo has waited ages for this moment and he’s not about to back down now. He feels his body shake and tremble as Greg’s balls slap against his ass, reminding him of the load they contain. Hugo wants to feel it on him, covering him with the warm milk of his loins. Getting on the ground, he looks up at his uniformed top as he strokes his shaft, letting the eruption of his cock pour out onto his smooth chest!