Lucas Bask, Lucas Darren & Scallyboy

A dark, seedy sex club on the outskirts of Paris. Three guys in sports gear are getting down and dirty in a dirty basement room. A guy in a balaclava is on his knees, sucking a well hung, slender man in white Adidas track pants whose face is entirely covered by a fabric mask. A hairy chested guy in a baseball cap watches the action, aggressively spitting, pushing Balaclava Guy down further onto the masked guy’s impressive dick.

Baseball Cap suddenly grabs the back of Balaclava Guy’s head and thrusts his man meat deep into the sub guy’s throat. It becomes a sordid sucking and spitting frenzy as Balaclava Guy hungrily serves his masters’ mega-dicks. He’s a slutty, sleazy sub who’s plainly desperate to please.

Baseball Cap rams his sweaty hands into black latex gloves. He pushes Balaclava Boy onto all fours, forces him to suck the masked guy, and, within seconds, has rammed his fist deep into Balaclava Guy’s sloppy, well-used ass--all the way up to his silver wrist chain. Balaclava whimpers as Baseball Cap alternates fists, testing his sexy slave’s pain threshold, thrusting and punching his guts in an unadulterated demonstration of dominance.

Balaclava knows why he’s there. He knows his place. The masters repeatedly slap and spit on him, jerking their dicks harder as they get closer to the point of no return. They take turns blasting their sticky white juices over the sub boy’s balaclava. Ribbons of semen spatter impressively onto the dark, knitted fabric.

Balaclava Guy is lucky. His masters decide to stay and watch as he jerks himself off. They sense it’s worth hanging about, and are not disappointed, because the sub cums big, spraying a healthy load onto the bench below.