Greg Centuri & Brian Dickers

Two horned-up European guys are making out in a darkened barn somewhere in the French countryside.

Greg has a giant dick which pokes out of the top of his underpants as he passionately kisses Brian, whose tight jockstrap flawlessly frames his peachy ass.

The two men take it in turns to keenly suck each other’s long and perfectly-proportioned dicks, before Brian bends over and presents his slutty ass to his friend. Greg’s talented tongue takes over, probing Brian’s quivering hole, making it wet with saliva and ready for the brutal pounding it’s about to receive.

Greg is a big boy with a dangerous dick. Brian shudders and moans as he’s penetrated from behind. Greg’s thrusts are powerful and merciless. His thick dick slams repeatedly into Brian’s firm ass. Every stroke seems harder and faster than the last.

Already exhausted, Brian takes a break from the power-banging to seductively suck Greg’s dick. And Greg returns the favour while gently fingering the sexy bottom’s well-used ass.

Brian stands and puts one foot up on a barrel as Greg sets about trying to ruin his ass again. A gasping Brian jerks his dick as his ass is blasted from within.

Brian then lies on the floor, a giant dildo now deep inside his hungry ass. The two men jerk themselves off, ready to explode. Greg is the first to shoot and does so on Brian’s tanned, well-defined chest. Brian quickly follows suit, spraying sexy man cream all over his stomach.