Matt Surfer and Seb Skets

This scene is a wet-dream-come-true for anyone with an interest in sports gear and sneakers. There’s plenty of baseball caps, shiny fabric and general licking and sniffing to keep a sneakerphile entertained!

Skinhead Seb Skets discovers Matt Surfer pleasuring himself in a ruined barn and immediately gets on his knees to worship Surfer’s feet. Surfer finds the experience deeply erotic and starts to jerk his giant dick through the soft fabric of his track pants.

As the foot job becomes more intense, Surfer begins to writhe in pleasure, pulling out his dick and rubbing it hard.

Skets shifts his attention to Surfer’s dick which he sucks hungrily while seductively pushing a sweaty sneaker against his master’s now saliva-covered shaft. A horned-up Surfer gasps and pants appreciatively.

Surfer stands and leans against the barn’s stone wall. Skets grovels on the floor, worshiping Surfer’s feet like a desperate addict.

Surfer forces Skets to face the wall and pulls his slave’s pants down before driving his dick into his tight ass. Surfer fucks the skinhead hard, slamming his dick into his well-used hole with speed and great force, each stroke seemingly harder and deeper than the last.

Surfer pulls his weapon out of Skets and finishes off over his ass cheeks. The orgasm is explosive and coats his slave’s ass with thick creamy cum, which he licks off before walking away and leaving Skets to jerk himself off into his pants.