Stany Falcone & Adrian Veidt

A ruined, graffiti-covered factory on the outskirts of a French town. Stany is a devilishly handsome, well-built dude with a winning smile, a six pack to die for and come-to-bed eyes. He leans against a wall, jerking his impressively large dick. He is plainly waiting for someone…

Adrian enters the factory. He’s also a very good looking guy and, what’s more, he’s totally up for it. He walks across to Stany, drops to his knees and immediately starts to suck the top’s juicy dick. He gets stuck right in, swallowing Stany’s enormous meat in an almost desperate mission to fully satisfy the stunning man above him.

Adrian stands. He faces the wall and drops his jeans to expose a peachy, utterly-inviting ass which literally begs to be banged.

Stany, now aggressively horny, is inside Adrian’s hole within seconds and pumping his long dick into the bottom boy with great force, his muscles rippling with every pleasurable thrust. Adrian breathes heavily, engulfed by waves of pure ecstasy as his ass is repeatedly and uncompromisingly brutalized!

Stany pulls out and Adrian drops to his knees once again to suck the spunk from the top man’s rock hard rod. Stany’s cum explosion is the stuff of legend. Watery semen sprays in all directions from his hose. He winks cheekily at Adrian, pulls up his jeans and casually walks away.

Adrian, still dripping with Stany’s jizz, leans against the wall, and squirts his own canon of creamy cum onto the factory floor.