Andrea High X, Mickael David & Nathan Lemal

Two sexy, topless boys kiss passionately in a churchyard. It’s an outrageous place to be making out in broad daylight, but they don’t care. They’re horny and they wanna get nasty.

One of them, Nathan, wears a baseball cap and track pants. The other, Andrea, has dirty blond, cropped hair and sensuous lips. They pull their dicks out of their pants and start to suck each other, unaware they’re being watched by Mickael, who stands some distance away.

Nathan looks up and notices Mickael, before gesturing for him to join them. Mickael hesitates for a moment, then sidles over.

The three men instantly start to kiss, caress, and suck each other, with every permutation and pairing explored. All three have giant dicks, but the tallest, Nathan, is particularly well hung. His is plainly a dick which could do a lot of damage!

Mickael is soon on all fours, lips wrapped around Andrea’s thick meat, while Nathan slams into him from behind. Nathan’s strokes are long, deep and powerful. Mickael would gasp a lot more loudly if Andrea’s dick weren’t half-way down his throat!

Nathan has great stamina when it comes to banging and would have gone all night if he had the chance, but it’s Andrea’s turn to take the reins, so the two men swap positions. Andrea’s strokes are more erratic and aggressive and become too much for Mickael.

Nathan is first to shoot, firing a thick, creamy load all over his stomach. Andrea stands and finishes himself off over Mickael before the couple walk away, leaving Mickael to his lustful thoughts.