Aday Traun



Aday, Alberto & Izaan

In the darkness of a basement two young pals have a special surprise. They... [read more]

Aday Traun & Damian Gomez

With one glance a pup knows that he has to completely submit to his Master.... [read more]

Aday Traun & Elio Guzman

Aday doesn’t allow anyone to disturb him while he is taking a shower... [read more]

Aday Traun & Mikel Bosco

Two pals meets for a good fuck. For Mikel is the first time he will be... [read more]

Aday Traun, Punkcher & Ruben Mastin

Summer is here and Aday decides to take his pal Punkcher to the countryside... [read more]

Aday Traun & Ricky Leon

Can you imagine being in a club and ending up being the slave of that hot... [read more]

Aday Traun & Alejandro Ferrer

No straight guy can say no when a girl like Blanca proposes a bit of hard... [read more]

Aday Traun and Carlos Bellic

Carlos' peaceful life gets an unexpected turn when Aday knocks his door.... [read more]


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