Alfa Jota


Vital Stats:
Age: 46
Height: 5'8"
Cock Size: 7" uncut
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Prefers: Versatile

Alfa Jota is a beefy muscle bear who enjoys kinky fetish sex. You can usually find him dressed in leather at a local bar or sex club when he's not putting together big events revolving around his favorite part of the male anatomy: COCK! An excellent cocksucker, the man can deep throat some of the biggest cocks in the business.


Alfa Jota & Paco Jones

The slaves as Paco Jones has to be in cage, and occasionally has to give... [read more]

Alfa Jota and Antonio Bermudas

When Alfa Jota realizes his slave is getting horny while looking at drawings... [read more]

Sylvan Lyk and Alfa Jota

Once Sylvan's hole is totally open and ready, he's ready for a good fisting.... [read more]

Alfa Jota and Carlos Perez - 2

After stretching Carlos Perez open by fucking him with a humongous dildo... [read more]

Alfa Jota and Carlos Perez - 1

After finishing with Sylvan Lyk, Alfa Jota gets ready for the next guy.... [read more]

Hades Foc and Alfa Jota

Hades Foc is a newcomer to JalifStudio and very horny. The thing about... [read more]

Saxon, Aitor Crash, Alfa Jota, Tom Louis, etc

Aitor Crash (Kings of Piss, Casting Madrid and Street Dogs) goes to Open... [read more]

Manuel Roko and Alfa Jota

There's already some action taking place when Manuel Roko arrives at the... [read more]

Joe Groc, Marcel Hoffmann, Peto Coast, et al

Peto Coast and Marcel Hoffmann are at fetish gay club Berlin Dark for a... [read more]


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