Tim Cosla



Fabien Footeux and Tim Cosla

Fabien knows he’s a good looking guy. But he’s a vain bastard, and... [read more]

Tim Cosla and Byron Cohen

A sleazy, basement sex club, somewhere in the outskirts of Paris. Sexy... [read more]

Tim Cosla and Jess Royan

Jess sits in the corner of a sleazy nightclub, legs spread wide with lustful... [read more]

Lyam Dylan and Tim Cosla

They find themselves in a dark, dusty cellar in Northern France. Lanky-legged... [read more]

Greg Century and Tim Cosla

In the cellar of a farmhouse in Normandy, handyman Greg Century is doing... [read more]

Stef Killer and Tim Cosla

Tim is having terrible problems with his bathroom sink. It keeps clogging... [read more]

Kevin Sportwear and Tim Cosla

A sex club hides in the corners of a French city. Thumping techno bounces... [read more]

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