Andy & Leo

Leo has no worries about whipping out his cock for Andy to shove in his mouth. The two had been eyeing each other from across the pool and the moment seemed just as good as any to bust out a midday load. Even as a looky-loo watched on, Andy bobbed up and down on Leo’s shaft, seemingly excited by the voyeur even more!

Andy’s jaw stretches wide in the bright sunlight as he tries to take all of Leo down his throat. The handsome top’s meat is thick and meaty, making it a pleasant struggle for the hungry cocksucker! Leo doesn’t mind, taking his time to enjoy the sensation of his dick sliding over his tongue, getting him ready to fuck his hole...

Leo feels his cock break into Andy’s backside, sliding between his cheeks and pressing up against his prostate firmly. As he puts his hands on his hips and begins to thrust back and forth, Andy presses his hands down on the wet concrete, bracing himself for the deep dicking!