Atlant & Claude

Claude has a total jock fetish. He loves the gear, the uniforms, the bodies, and the competitiveness of it all! But even without all those trappings, he can smell an alpha jock a mile away. Atlant gives him exactly what he needs, dominating his mouth with his big cock and by giving him a heavy, sweaty pair of balls to worship.

Claude gets on his knees to suck Atlant’s thick meat, feeling it pulse between his lips as it leaks pre-cum onto his tongue. The jock’s fresh fluids only drive him more wild, making him eager to be fucked hard!

Atlant bends his lover over, sliding his cock into his tight hole before pounding him hard and deep. His competitive nature comes out, wanting to give Claude the best fuck of his life. Claude is willing to take whatever Atlant dishes out, happy to be a fuckhole for the sexy top stud...