Billy Baval & Alex Kiffeur

Billy is a handsome, well-defined, dark-haired, bearded man in his 30s. He sits on a sofa, dressed in sports gear with white track pants and black sneakers.

He is introduced to his partner for the session: a young lad called Alex, who’s tall, thin and tanned with mousy-brown hair cut very short. He’s a bit of a thug. He wears a T-shirt and jeans, has a large diamond stud in his ear and a thick metal chain around his neck.

Alex gets onto his knees and licks Billy’s sweaty sneakers. He then moves up to Billy’s lap and starts sucking his large cock bulge through the damp fabric of his pants. He removes one of Billy’s sneakers and seductively rubs it over the bulge. Billy throws his head back and moans appreciatively.

Alex pulls Billy’s uncut, neatly-curved cock out of his jock strap and runs his soft lips up and down the shaft. This guy knows how to give good head! Billy’s large dick twitches in response.

They get naked, but keep their socks and sneakers on. Billy’s body is tanned and perfectly chiseled. He stands, grabs the back of Alex’ head and thrusts his cock deep down his tight, wet throat. The young lad gags.

Alex climbs onto the sofa, arches his back and pushes his ass out in anticipation. Billy gently pushes a little lube into Alex’ hole before pushing his dick inside him from behind. Alex groans.
Billy anchors himself and then starts to plow the lad real hard, banging his ass with deep, brutal, rhythmic strokes.

Billy picks Alex up and fucks him while standing. It’s an impressive display of strength and horniness. Alex winces and gasps as his tight ass is hammered mercilessly.

Billy, still inside Alex, throws the lad down onto the sofa and continues to pound him before picking him up again and fucking him some more.

Back down on the sofa, Billy positions his muscular legs wide enough apart to get the thrust he needs to bang Alex with maximum force. The results are spectacular!

Alex, horned to the max, shoots a massive load, straight onto Billy’s sneaker. Billy keenly grabs the sneaker and cums on it himself. Their sticky, pearlescent cum-spurts show up beautifully against the horny dark sneaker fabric...