Brian, Khenzo & Latino

Brian sets himself on the floor, blindfolded as he patiently waits for his sexy Latin masters to work him over. Khenzo and Bigdick stroke their thick, uncut cocks; staring at their submissive, European bottom, and thinking of all the ways they’re going to use his body. Brian can hear their fat cocks smack against their flat stomachs, making his heart pound in anticipation...

Khenzo calls the blinded cocksucker over to break his jaw on his thick, alpha meat. Brian can barely fit it between his lips, struggling to take it down his throat in service to his top. Khenzo doesn’t care how hard it is, he just wanted to be worshipped! Bigdick sneaks in behind, lubing Brian’s hole up and readying it for his own rough fucking.

Brian wraps his mouth around Bigdick’s cock, getting it good and hard. Meanwhile Khenzo takes advantage of the bottom’s readied hole, sliding his cock up into his guts. Brian moans as his throat is full of hung, dominant cock as he feels his other hung master invade his backside with his girthy member!