Brian & Stany

Stany Falcone watched as the sexy jock, Brian Next, slipped on his soccer jersey and tall socks. His lean, toned body is like a perfect sculpture, making Stany unable to look away. Even as Brian relieves himself, Stany can’t resist stroking his cock as he gets even more aroused. As soon as Brian shakes his cock in completion, Stany rushes forward to offer up his mouth to suck him dry!

Brian grips the back of Stany’s neck, holding him close as he pumps his cock into his mouth. As Stany bobs up and down, the dominant jock gets even harder thinking of the buttoned-up cocksucker worshipping his body and masculinity. He strips him down as Stany continues to gag on his shaft, turning him into a total bottom pig on the end of his manhood.

Stany will do whatever Brian asks of him, honored to be a hole for his cock to fill. Seeing his desire to submit, Brian bends him over and pushes his cock deep into his tight hole! He works up a sweat as he fucks him hard and fast, making it clear just who is in charge and who is there to serve...