Cyril Bigdick & Romeo Courtois

The gym locker room had emptied out by the time Romeo went in to change. He’d worked up a good sweat practicing on the field, feeling his blood pumping through his body and getting him worked up. The extra surge of energy coursing through his limbs couldn’t help but make its way to his loins as well, and he was horny for some action.

As luck would have it, Cyril was just arriving before Romeo could grab his bag to leave. The handsome dark-haired man had yet to get a workout in, but he was still musky and sexy in his athletic wear. Romeo gave him a long look with his fuck-me eyes, something Cyril was used to when he was at the gym.

Immediately, Cyril took advantage of the moment and leaned in to kiss the horny player. Romeo's mouth salivated as he thought of sucking the man’s hard cock, and his new friend didn’t make him wait long to taste. Pulling down his shorts, Cyril gave Romeo a mouthful of his hot jock cock, shoving it deep into his throat as the horny stud drooled all over his shaft.

Romeo loved the feel of the masculine man in his mouth. He could feel Cyril's nuts on his chin whenever he went in deep, taking in the scent of his sweaty crotch. He was in absolute hog heaven, slurping up his pre-cum and alpha juices. But he needed more. Much more.

Bending Romeo up against the dirty concrete wall, Cyril slid his slick meat between the bottom’s cheeks, feeling his hot insides wrap around his uncut cock, taking him deep with each slow and steady thrust. Romeo moaned with intense pleasure. The scruffy jock’s pounding intensified as Romeo's hole opened to take him, making his own cock leak in response.