David & Theo

David’s eyes are barely open as he feels Theo’s lips press against his. Waking up from an afternoon nap, he feels his lover snuggle up beside him, caressing his smooth chest and rousing him from his sleep. David cracks a wry smile, turned on by his hunger and desire. He feels his cock swell up instantly, something that Theo is quick to notice!

Theo takes David’s cock into his mouth, swallowing it down as it continues to harden and grow, coaxing it to rise with the tip of his tongue. David runs his hand on the back of Theo’s neck, lovingly urging him to continue...

The two exchange kisses and trade blowjobs, arousing each other as they edge themselves closer to climax. David can’t resist his desire to fuck, bending Theo over and sliding his hard, slick cock deep into his tight hole. Theo grabs the pillows and endures his lover’s pounding, eager to feel him burst his load!