Emilio, Junior & Hetero

Junior strokes his cock at an open gloryhole waiting for some horny young slut to take the bait. His massive meat and heavy balls are worthy of worship, drawing Emilio and Hetero in to kneel and serve. Hetero wraps his mouth around the monster sausage, slobbering all over it as Junior pumps his fuck stick deeper into his throat...

As Hetero fills his mouth with Junior’s meat, Emilio watches on, furiously stroking his cock as he watches his buddy in action. Soon the bystander feels compelled to get some of what Emilio is serving up, pulling his friend away to fuck his face with his own thick meat. Emilio gladly resumes stroking the stranger’s shaft as they share Hetero’s tongue.

But Junior needs more than just a pretty pair of lips to milk out his load! Bending Hetero over, Junior fucks him deep as he continues to service Emilio with his mouth. The three studs fuck and suck in the dark corner, all building to a hot threeway that can’t be missed!