Enzo di Karina and Sacha Poliakof

A shaven-headed, aggressive-looking guy stands naked in a cellar, playing with his dick. You wouldn’t wanna mess with tough guy Enzo Di Karina, that is unless you wanna get pounded within an inch of your life!

His victim today is the closed-cropped, cute, skinny dude, Sacha Poliakof, who enters the space and dutifully wraps his lustful lips around Enzo’s giant meat. Enzo plunges his dick hard, fast, and deep into Sacha’s mouth and throat. He tells Sacha how he wants to be sucked and the look on the dom’s face tells us that he’s pleased with the sexy service he’s receiving.

Enzo pushes Sacha onto his knees and repeatedly taps his rock hard meat against the sub boy’s muscular ass cheeks. Moments later, he’s thrusting his stunning rod in and out of Sacha’s tight hole.

It’s suddenly a sexual frenzy. Enzo brutally bangs the bottom boy with eye-watering intensity and zero concern for his comfort and well-being. At one point, Enzo’s literally bouncing in and out of Sacha’s ass who’s helpless to do anything but grit his teeth and groan like a good boy.

Enzo pulls out and frantically jerks his huge dick over Sacha’s smooth back. He explodes pearls of thick semen which, mingled with sweat, start to drip down towards the bottom boy’s peachy crack. Sacha’s engorged dick is quick to follow suit. He sprays all over the carpet he’s kneeling on, his body quivering and shaking with unadulterated pleasure.