Hard Master & Sathia

Sathia is told to assume the submissive position; on all fours, ass up in a jockstrap, hole pre-lubed, and blindfolded. The horny slave is presented to Hard Master to be opened and used, without hesitation or resistance. He knows this is his place and will do everything the dom top tells him to do…

Hard Master quickly sizes up his prize, feeling the wet hole of his bottom’s ass, pleases with how readily it accepts his probing fingers into his bottom’s guts. Sathia cannot see just who is invading his body, but he knows his job is to take it and like it.

Hard Master’s cock gets rock hard as he slides around inside Sathia’s hole, thinking of how it will feel to pry his cock between his round, furry cheeks. But before he fucks him, the dom master feeds the willing sub his cock to suck and slobber over.

He takes full advantage of his slave, making him choke on his cock and fisting his hole with his wide hands before mounting him hard and deep against the rough floor. Hard Master shows Sathia who’s on top and who’s the boss!