Isaac & Stany

When Isaac wakes up in bed next to Stany, he notices it’s gotten late, so he gets up to do a few morning chores. Stany gets turned on by the sight of Isaac’s jockstrapped ass leaving the room and stays in bed jerking his cock before getting up and following his friend, naked and rock hard.

Down in the kitchen, Isaac has been doing the dishes, but he can’t let a bone like Stany’s go to waste! The two muscled jocks make out in the kitchen, groping one another’s cocks and asses. Isaac lets his long, uncut cock out of his jockstrap and Stany squats down to suck it. Then Stany gets Isaac up against the counter to rim his hot ass. The guys swap blowjobs around the kitchen before Stany straps a thick, leather cockring around his package and bends Isaac over the counter for an aggressive hole workout.

Stany gets Isaac down on the floor to fuck him doggy style, his big nuts slapping hard against Isaac’s taint. Isaac lays back against the cabinets to stroke his curved rod and launches a massive load of cum across his chest and abs. Standing over him, Stany sprays his own load like a sprinkler all over Isaac and the kitchen floor. You can tell by Isaac’s grin that it was a hot fuck.