Jason Torres & Marco DiLucca

Jason is helping Marco to train in the gym pushing him hard and making him sweat. While doing some fly’s Marco notices the huge imprint of Jason’s hard cock in his shorts and as soon as he is done with his set whips out Jason’s cock and dives onto it with his mouth. Jason lays down and Marco leans over him so Jason can lick and finger his ass while he sucks Jason’s hard cock. They move over to one of the bench machines and Marco lowers himself down onto Jason riding his dick with pleasure. Marco lifts his hands, holding onto the top bar so he can really pound down hard onto Jason, as Jason groans in ecstasy. The guys move to the bicep curl bench, Marco straddled over with his ass fully open. Jason thrusts his cock into Marco working it harder and harder while the guys watch the action in the mirrors on the walls which just makes them both even hornier. Jason pounds Marco so hard that he can’t hold off much longer. They move to a flat bench and Jason cums before Marco shoots over him.