Jess & Rudgy

Jess sees Rudgy standing on the side of the road, hitchhiking for a ride to get home. He normally doesn’t stop for strangers, but the tan man is simply too handsome to pass up. And as soon as he gets in his car, it’s clear the hitchhiker is after a different kind of ride! The two pull off the road and find a quiet clearing to get better acquainted...

Jess can’t help getting rock hard as he kisses Rudgy, feeling his shorts tug on his loins as his cock swells up. Rudgy notices his partner’s excitement, pulling out his massive member from under the leg of his shorts. It’s so big and thick he has a hard time taking it in his mouth, but he’s determined to swallow it down! Jess sees Rudgy’s own big cock between his legs, making him horny to get fucked as well!

Bending the hung bottom over, Rudgy slides his big cock between Jess’ smooth, firm cheeks. The hot bottom’s tight hole wraps around him, clinging to his shaft as he drills him deep in the grass. Jess grips the ground as Rudgy plows him, feeling himself get closer to cumming with each deep, penetrating thrust!