Jess & Sam

Jess has the biggest smile on his face as Sam begins to explore his massive cock. Concealed in his tight briefs, the horny stud is eager to feel his thick meat swallowed up by the tan, hungry cocksucker.

Sam’s fingers grip around Jess’ monster shaft, feeling its hardness as he brings it close to his mouth. Sam struggles to take the entire cock deep to the back of his throat, making Jess smile all the more. As the two strip down, Sam can’t stop worshipping Jess’ huge cock, desperate to feel it pound deep inside his hole. He can hardly wait for it to happen, but as he lies back to receive it, he trembles as it presses against his tight sphincter...

Suddenly it seems too big, but Jess makes sure to go slow and ease it in as Sam breathes deep to take it all. Once it’s fully inside, Sam opens u