Jimy & Ricky

Ricky is hanging out on his patio, finishing up a cigarette when his friend Jimmy stops by. The two guys enjoy the quiet, peaceful night, horned up from the late night heat. It doesn’t take him long to get Rick to agree to a little fun, pulling out his cock for Jimmy to get nice and hard! Jimmy runs his hands over Ricky’s body as he worships his shaft and balls, lapping at their smooth size and feeling his buddy get harder as he does...

Ricky lays Jimmy on the patio table, lifting his legs so he can see his smooth, tight hole. The horny young stud practically begs for his friend's cock inside him; a request that Ricky cannot refuse! His thick, long, uncut cock plows deep into Jimmy’s ass, rattling the table as he shakes up Jimmy’s guts.

Their moans echo into the still, summer night, uninterrupted as they fuck harder and closer to climax!