Julien & Morgan

Julien heads to the basement to meet up with his sexy new friend, Morgan. Julien, just off work, is horned up out of his mind! He needs to get his dick sucked and, fortunately, Morgan is hungry for his meat and happy to help!

Morgan pulls out Julien’s cock, sucking off the sweat and musk from being tucked away all day; worshipping it as it grows between his lips. Julien loves how his hard cock looks poking out of his dress pants with his friendly cocksucker dutifully servicing it. He puts his hands on Morgan’s head, pumping his manhood into his mouth, feeling his sexual aggression bubbling up to the surface with each thrust of his hips.

Among the trash and storage, Julien pulls down his pants and pushes Morgan up against the hard, stone wall. He plows his thick, wet meat between his bottom’s cheeks; breaking through his tight hole and fucking him hard as he feels his seed ready to spill out!