Kameron Frost and Miguel Bryan

Cute, blond boy, Kameron, has two secrets. The first is that he’s into men. The second is that he’s hung like a donkey! The only person who knows both things is his best mate, Miguel, who regularly hooks up with Kameron in a ruined farmhouse on the edge of the village.

Their meetings are outrageous and intense. Both are excited by the idea of getting caught. Kameron always arrives first. Dark-haired Miguel usually finds him beating his huge, uncut meat, leaning against an old piece of farm machinery.

Miguel eagerly drops to his knees. He can’t wait to wrap his insatiable lips around Kameron’s delicious 8-inch dick. Kameron loves the sensation. No one sucks dick like Miguel. He does this amazing thing with his tongue on the tip of Kameron’s mushroom-like helmet; the sensation sends the cute blond top into a state of deep rapture.

Miguel turns his back to Kameron and places one of his long legs onto the metal machinery. Kameron, engulfed by lust, immediately pushes his rock-hard dick into his friend. Miguel gasps as a wave of adrenaline crashes through his body.

Kameron knows how to hit all the right spots with his impressive meat. He pounds like a jack-hammer; hard, fast and brutally relentless. Miguel knows he will never get tired of the feeling. He lives for these afternoon encounters.

Kameron encourages Miguel to get on his back. The position enables him to get really deep. Besides, he likes to look down at his friend to see the look of desperate pleasure on his face.

Kameron pulls out and the two men stand next to each other, kissing and jerking. Kameron is the first to blow. And boy does he blow! The semen gushes out of him like a crazy water cannon! 8 thick ribbons of juicy spunk. Miguel is quick to follow suit, adding his own impressive contribution to the cum puddle at their feet.