Kriss & Hard Master

Anonymous sex can be hot, but when a huge uncut cock shows up at your window -- and the stranger grabs the back of your head to face fuck you without a single word -- it’s even hotter.

Kriss sits alone on a rubberized pad in a dark room, wearing nothing but a black jockstrap. He’s staring at a hard and heavy anonymous cock that’s being presented through a small window next to the door, and he leans back against the wall and starts fingering his wet hole. The man at the window starts slapping his large, uncut, football-shaped cock, leaning invitingly against the window frame. Kriss slides off his padded platform and kneels down to grip the girthy dick, and he starts stroking and sucking the stranger. A hand comes through and grips the back of Kriss’ head, forcing his face down the full length of the hefty meat.

When the anonymous cock withdraws, Kriss hops back onto his platform on all fours. Master Hard enters the room with his wet cock still out and locks the door behind him. Kriss leans forward to gobble Master Hard’s uncut knob and gets a hard and hearty spanking that makes him moan. Kriss’ ass cheeks are bright red from all the spanking when Master Hard finally turns him around to slide his cock into his hole doggystyle. The bottom’s entire body rocks from the force of Master Hard’s long, deep thrusts. Kriss finally gets out of his jock when Master Hard flips him over to dig even harder into his ass. Master Hard coats the bottom’s abs with a big load of cum and leaves Kriss to finish himself off in the corner with a smile on his face.