Leo & Desire

Leo is used to making strange deliveries. Part of his job is bringing things to people in places where regular mail carriers don’t go. However, it’s not often that he has to bring something to an abandoned building. Arriving at the broken down, graffitied concrete structure, he calls out to Desire, hoping he can get back in his car and head out. But as soon as he sees the handsome man, he finds himself in no rush.

The two are completely alone, horny, and seeing a perfect opportunity to seize the moment. Desire plants a kiss on the delivery man before dropping to his knees to service his cock as a reward. Leo has been running around all day and is happy to get the sexy man’s mouth on his meat.

Things escalate as Leo gets harder and closer to climax. Bending Desire over on a piece of broken wood, Leo mounts him from behind, sliding his thick, throbbing cock between his smooth cheeks. Desire braces himself on the rubble as Leo dicks into him hard and fast. Desire’s cock leaks pre-cum as Leo gets closer to climax, feeling his own prostate pulse with pleasure.