Leo Helios & Valentin Alsina

The two skater lads find each other in a ruined, graffiti-covered building in a wood on the edge of town.

Leo has a giant cock which makes his white sports tent impressively. Valentin has a beautifully-tanned body and an amazing half-sleeve tattoo on his upper arm. These lads are fit as fuck, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re hungrily checking each other out and following each other through the woods, stopping from time to time to give encouraging, lust-laden looks.

Valentin subtly nods and vanishes into the ruined building while Leo follows. Valentin finds him leaning against a post in the middle of the space, his camo pants pulled down. A white jockstrap frames his muscular bubble butt. He wants it.

Leo can’t believe his luck. His cock throbs as he walks across. The fair-haired lad wastes no time. Within seconds, he’s turned his baseball cap around and is on his knees, tongue rammed into the dark-haired lad’s ass, making it wet and ready for the ride of its life.

Moments later, he pushes himself inside. Leo has the perfect cock - rock hard, with an upward curve - and Valentin takes it well. His ass feels good, too good, and it’s not long before the fair-haired lad starts hammer-fucking him.

It’s a relentless, rough, noisy fuck. Leo’s chiseled, lithe torso tenses up as he brutally rams his cock inside Valentin. These two lads are so horny for each other and the chemistry is off-the-scale...

The fair-haired lad pulls out. One more stroke and he’d have exploded. He gets on his knees and starts vigorously sucking. It’s a frenzy of intense, sloppy, deep-throating. The dark-haired lad grabs the back of his head and thrusts his cock right into his neck.

Then it’s all change, with Valentin on his knees, keenly and deeply pleasuring the lad who’d fucked him minutes before.

The explosion of cum is impressive and intense. They squirt huge loads over each other’s smooth chests, gasping and moaning in extreme pleasure.

This is one walk in the woods which neither of them is going to forget in a hurry…