Malik & Antonio

Malik straddles Antonio as the two get hot and heavy on their couch. He’s enamored with Antonio’s masculine, muscular body, inhaling his musk as he kisses up and down his chest. Antonio is pumped up and firm, giving Malik the total Italian alpha daddy fantasy...

Antonio pulls out Mailk’s cock, feeling its girth and heat in his hands before taking it to his lips. As he kisses it, he can feel it pulse and harden, making his own member rise in his pants! Malik is quick to his knees to return the favor and worship his muscle daddy’s cock, kissing and sucking as Antonio frees the beast from his underwear.

Malik loves how Antonio’s meat fills his mouth, fucking his face as he takes it all the way down. As his lips touch the muscle stud’s balls, he feels his heart race and his mouth hunger for more!

Antonio loves how it feels to have his cock worshipped, but nothing beats a tight hole on his massive meat! Bending Malik over, he pushes his daddy dick deep inside his ass, breaking apart his sphincter as he dominates his ass. Antonio was born to fuck, pumping into his bottom like an animal, making him moan and submit to his cock!