Malik & Pedro

Malik and Pedro are busy practicing their boxing techniques at the gym, Pedro in a padded vest and Malik punching at him with boxing gloves. The two work up a sweat, and after Pedro notices a growing bulge in Malik’s pants, he steps up close to him to grab it. The two wrap up practice and start undressing to head home, but Pedro is feeling playful. He grabs Malik's ass through his tight briefs and then grabs his cock to pull him in for a kiss. Malik is feeling it too and takes things a step further, pulling down Pedro’s shorts to reveal a thick, uncut cock. Not to be outdone, Pedro slips Malik’s huge boner out the side of the pouch of his briefs and kneels to see how much of the huge knob he can get in his mouth.

Malik returns the favor, kneeling down to tease Pedro’s foreskin with his mouth and then getting a nice long face fucking from his friend. Pedro sits down on the locker room bench with a cocky smile on his face and forces Malik’s head down onto his shaft until he’s balls deep in Malik’s throat. Pedro’s not greedy though. He lifts Malik up to get his mouth back on that huge cock. Try as he might, he can only take so much, but it’s a noble effort.

Pedro turns Malik around to rim his ass, but he drops to all fours with his back arched so Pedro has to get on his knees to get his tongue in his buddy’s hole. Pedro flips Malik around to get inside him in missionary position. Malik is a bigger guy and he folds his arms and legs around Pedro passionately as he gets his ass filled with uncut meat. Malik’s ass cheeks bounce with the force of Pedro’s thrusts.

It’s not all rough. While he's fucking Malik doggstyle, Pedro leans in to kiss his back and reaches around to tug on his buddy’s huge dick. Then they stand up to keep fucking, with Malik braced against the wall. Pedro finishes off on his knees, flinging a load of cum from his big, uncut cock all over the padded floor of the practice room with Malik’s knob in his mouth. Standing over him, Malik shoots a huge load all over Pedro’s chest and stomach.