Malik TN & Romeo Courtois

Mailk and Romeo have met up to spar in a private gym. Wearing matching singlets, they toss, fling, and grapple one another around the room, pinning each other to the mats in turns. Romeo gets Malik pinned and showboats by grinding his bulging groin into Malik’s thigh and pretending to ride him horseback after another maneuver. Malik turns the tables, using his weight to pin Romeo’s back to the floor. The men are soon chest to chest and panting from their efforts.

Malik reaches behind Romeo’s thigh to get better leverage, and he feels the man’s hard cock against his forearm. Looking from Romeo’s groin to his face, the atmosphere changes, and Malik leans in for a high-testosterone kiss. Romeo takes advantage of the distraction and flips Malik onto his back in one quick twist, sitting on Malik’s groin cowboy style with his hardon visible through the tight fabric of his singlet. All of a sudden, Malik doesn't mind being pinned and he lifts his hips, grinding his groin into Romeo’s ass. He sits up to kiss Romeo and rolls him backward to lay on top of him with his spandex covered hardon in Romeo’s face. Romeo chews at it hungrily as Malik’s hand travels up the leg of Romeo’s singlet to grip his cock.

Malik turns Romeo over to hump him aggressively, his big cock pressed between Romeo’s tightly covered ass cheeks. Romeo has completely surrendered to the idea and the men sit up to tear their singlets down to the waist. But Malik pushes Romeo back to the floor so he can pull the man’s singlet down past his juicy ass and give it a spank. Soon, Romeo’s mouth is on it like a man starved, stroking and sucking hard. Malik drops his head to the floor to enjoy the attention and Romeo’s face sinks all the way to Malik’s groin, taking the monster all the way to the root in his throat!

Malik rolls Romeo over to get a taste of that uncut cock. Romeo’s dick is almost as long though not nearly as thick as Malik’s, and Malik manages to deepthroat him while shoving two fingers into Romeo’s hole. The two switch to sucking each other 69 on the mats before Malik pulls Romeo on top of him to eat his wet, pink hole to get him ready for the main event. Romeo mounts Malik in cowboy position at first, the top pounding up into him with his giant dick. Switching to doggy style, Malik wraps a singlet around Romeo’s forehead. using it like reins to pull the bottom back as he drives into Romeo’s ass from behind. Romeo moans loudly and jerks on his cock while Malik’s big balls slap against his hole.

Romeo finishes himself off, lying on his back on the floor with Malik kneeling over him. Romeo gasps for air as his hot, uncut dick launches his cum all over his stomach. Malik isn’t far behind, and his nuts bounce with slapping sounds as he jerks. He levels his giant knob at Romeo and drenches the man’s chest and stomach with an enormous load of hot jizz, moaning each time his cock pulses.