Matt & Nico

Nico is a very passionate person. He loves lots of kissing, body contact, and making his partner feel good. Luckily for Matt, Nico is also pretty good at sucking cock. When the two strip down and get into bed together, Nico immediately wants to massage Matt’s body and starts salivating over his dick. Matt loves the attention, especially the feeling of his thick, uncut cock sliding between the sexy man’s lips. But as much as he loves a massage, he loves to fuck even more.

As Nico gets on his knees and begins to swallow Matt’s meat, the floppy-haired stud can feel his nuts getting tighter. Every stroke of his shaft brings him that much closer to releasing, and Nico’s passion only grows. The soft-spoken Frenchman becomes a total cock hound as he gobbles up Matt’s impressive manhood, taking it down his throat and enduring the intense skull fucking by the increasingly dominant Matt.

Lying on his stomach, holding onto pillows for support, Nico braces himself when Matt can no longer hold back his desire. Sliding his cock deep into the tight hole, Matt plows into Nico’s round, smooth ass, drilling him deep and filling him with every inch of his dick. The rough fucking doesn’t cease, building up speed and vigor as Matt feels himself riding the edge of climax, just barely pacing himself as he feels his nuts ready to erupt.