Matt Surfer and Seb Soumis BDX

Businessman Matt loves nothing better than slipping away from work in the early afternoon to take a bit of time out with one of his boys. All of them know the deal: the boys head to a derelict house on the edge of town, strip naked, get on all fours and wait for their hung, suited, sex-mad gentleman to arrive.

Today’s lucky sub is Seb, a handsome, tanned dude who’ll do anything to please his master, Matt.

Matt finds Seb on all fours in an empty upstairs room and immediately pulls his giant dick out of his suit pants, feeding it to his slave and grabbing the back of his head so that he can ram it hard and deep into the slut’s thirsty throat.

Matt feels at his most powerful when he’s suited and booted and his slave is naked and kneeling before him. It gives him that extra injection of sleaziness, the desire to go just that little bit harder or rougher. He removes his tie and knots it like a leash around Seb’s neck, while the sub keenly pleasures his master.

Moments later, Matt pushes Seb against the wall and rams his dick hard into his ass. Matt, of course, remains fully suited, maintaining both his power and his position as he fucks his sub into submission. The thrusts are fast but gentle to begin with, but they become increasingly intense, and very soon Matt is slamming his meat aggressively into the groaning slave’s tight hole.

Seb kneels on the floor and Matt squats behind him, spreading his long legs obscenely widely to get the perfect slam-angle. It’s a wonder how those suit trousers don’t simply split at the seams!

After another brutal round of banging, Seb pulls out so that he can shoot his sticky load all over his slave’s cheek, shoulder and back. Within seconds Seb follows suit, blasting spunk all over the dusty floorboards. No question Matt will have an extra pep in step back at the office, knowing he’s left a well-used sub behind covered in his alpha load.