Pedro & Julien

Julien is horned up and ready to meet Pedro for an afternoon delight. They agree to connect on the street before heading to an unlocked basement nearby. Julien loves the thrill of fucking in public spaces, and Pedro is happy to find any dark nook or cranny to fill the stud’s hole!

Julien strips off Pedro’s clothes, sucking his cock and grabbing at his ass in the narrow cellar space. He bobs his head up and down as he feels his own massive member swell up in his pants. Pedro loves feeling his shaft worked over, but is desperate to feel Julien’s huge cock in the back of his throat.

Pedro reciprocates for his partner, getting him hard and wet as he worships his giant shaft. His cock leaks precum as he thinks about fucking him. Pedro turns Julian around and presses him against the brick wall to tongue his ass. With his hole warmed up and ready, Pedro can’t resist bending him over and sliding his cock inside… With the tiny cramped space, the two men have nowhere to go but closer and deeper as they fuck harder and harder!