Pedro Paliza & Claude Next

Claude Next is kneeling on the floor in a leather harness, head bowed among the puddles and used tissues that surround him. He’s eager to show off his bubble butt in its tight jockstrap, as well as his muscular, arching back. He’s already leaking precum by the time Pedro Paliza swaggers in, in his leather chaps and bulging white jockstrap.

He roughly grabs Claude by the scruff of his neck and thrusts him forward, mouth open, onto this throbbing cock. Claude eagerly sucks the thick dick, getting it nice and slick for his hole.

Pedro fucks Claude for a few strokes, but the pig wants it too bad. So he pulls out and forces Claude back on his knees to suck him some more. Only then does he fuck Claude the way the blond bottom craves. He’s rough and hard, making the British boy moan and whimper on shock and pain and desire.

After fucking Claude’s throat some more, both sweaty leather men shoot their loads, adding another puddle of cum to the filthy cubicle floor.